The Farr North Apprenticeship Programme: A locally funded and delivered apprenticeship scheme designed to support businesses and young people in the communities of Farr. Published on 23rd April 2024

The Farr North Apprenticeship programme supports employers who take on Apprentices from Farr. We can provide £5000 per year for up to 3 years to the employer.
The scheme is designed to help young people stay in the area to live and work. Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for people to advance their skills and experience without leaving their home turf. This is good for community cohesion and helps to upskill the local workforce. In the longer term it might encourage people to build their lives here which can have all sorts of knock-on effects such as supporting school rolls.
Apprentices can bring great benefits to employers too – but there are costs which are not covered by Government support. That is why Farr North Community Development Trust has developed the Farr North Apprenticeship Programme to support employers wishing to develop our workforce.

Area Coverage: Bettyhill, Strathnaver, Altnaharra, Armadale, Strathy, Portskerra, Melvich and Strath Halladale as far south as Forsinard.

Could you take on an apprentice?
Taking on an apprentice can be a fantastic opportunity for your business! That extra pair of hands
could make all the difference. Come and talk to us!
The amount of money awarded to your business by the Farr North Apprenticeship programme is
individually assessed and could be as much as £5000 per year for three years. Further funding might
be available from your trades body or from Skills Development Scotland. We will help you to find a
funding package that works for you and your business.

Is my business eligible for this support?
Any local business with strong connections to our area is eligible and preference will be given to
businesses based in the Parish of Farr.
You will be required to show that:

The Farr North Apprenticeship Programme is not available to statutory agencies or national organisations.

Could you be an Apprentice?
To be considered for an apprenticeship with the Farr North Apprenticeship Programme you must

We want to help you stay in the community to earn and learn. Come and talk to us and explore what opportunities may be available. If you know of a local business that fits your needs you could always talk to them first, find out if they are interested in taking on an apprentice, show them this leaflet. Or you could start by talking to your careers guidance teacher or officer.

For More Info please contact: Simon Lee, Farr North, Community Development Trust, Naver Telecentre, Bettyhill KW14 7SS,

This Fund is not administrated or managed by the Caithness Business Fund. Please contact contact: Simon, Farr North Community Development Trust

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