Assistance from the Fund is helping to “level up” access to apprenticeships for small-to-medium enterprises in the North Highlands, ensuring businesses and organisations of all sizes are equipped with skills needed both now and in the future. Eligible SMEs can access grants from the Fund to help with employment and associated training costs for accredited apprenticeship opportunities within their business.

Apprenticeship Grants – These are available to businesses which can demonstrate a strong commitment to hosting a modern apprenticeship, providing a supportive pathway and desire to grow and create employment.

The FutureSkills apprenticeship scheme can provide financial support up to a maximum of £24,500 over 3 years.

Any grant awarded will vary depending on the needs of each business, the apprenticeship being undertaken and the availability of any other funding.

Training Grants – These are available to businesses seeking to provide relevant courses for their employees and can clearly demonstrate a linkage to business growth and development.

Full information on criteria for Apprenticeship & Training Grants can be found in the application guidelines.

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